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My Journey of Resilience and Healing: Sharing My Story on The Inner Power Podcast

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

A headshot of Tanya Sperling on the cover page of the Inner Power Podcast

Hello to all my dear visitors,

In our fast-paced world, where life's challenges can often feel overwhelming, finding strength and resilience is crucial. I am thrilled to share with you a very special episode of "The Inner Power Podcast," where I had the honor of being a guest. This episode is not just a podcast for me; it's a chapter of my life, filled with learning, growth, and transformation.

In this intimate and heartfelt episode, I open up about my personal experience with cancer. It’s a journey that goes beyond just survival; it’s about finding a new meaning in life and understanding the power of the human spirit. I share the pivotal moments that reshaped my perspective on health, stress, and overcoming life’s hurdles.

This episode holds a special place in my heart, as it’s dedicated to my late friend, Toni Bongers. It was published on what would have been her 54th birthday, and Toni's memory and fighting spirit have been a constant source of inspiration in my work and life. Remembering her, I say, “This is for you, Toni, always remembered.” Her story intertwines with mine, reminding us of the personal challenge we face once presented with cancer.

A screenshot of the zoom interview, showing Tanya Sperling and Angg woo
Tanya Sperling and Angg Woo

Beyond sharing my story, I provide insights into recognizing and managing stress. In a world where stress is often an inevitable part of our daily lives, I emphasize that while we all work and experience stress, there are healthier and more effective ways to cope. This part of the conversation offers practical advice for anyone seeking balance and wellness amidst life’s challenges.

I believe this podcast episode is a must-listen not just because of my story, but because of the connection and empathy I aim to share with you. My insights on dealing with life's challenges are grounded in real experiences and a genuine desire to help others. It's a conversation that I hope will offer new perspectives on health, resilience, and our incredible potential as human beings.

I warmly invite each one of you to listen to this enlightening episode. Whether you're facing your own struggles, looking for ways to manage stress, or simply in need of inspiration, I believe my journey and insights can offer something valuable to you.

Furthermore, if my story resonates with you and you're curious about how I can help as a coach, hypnotherapist or preferred PSYCH-K® facilitator, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a free discovery call through the contact form below. It’s an opportunity for us to connect and explore how we can work together towards your journey of health and balance.

As I close this post, let’s remember the power of sharing and listening to each other's stories. They remind us of our shared humanity, the common challenges we face, and our remarkable capacity to overcome them. May my journey inspire and encourage you to find your own path to resilience and well-being.

Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope you'll join me in listening to my story on "The Inner Power Podcast."

Please listen the full episode "The Journey To Holistic Empowerment Through Cancer" of the Inner Power Podcast on Apple Podcast, or on Spotify.

You can watch the full video below and once it has been uploaded to youtube, I will share the link here as well.


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