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Are you dealing with Diabetes Type 2?

Updated: Apr 16

Then this blog post is for you!


Hi everybody!


I haven’t posted here for a while, but now it’s time to share something amazing that I have experienced in the past few weeks. I have finally found a way for myself to reverse the Diabetes Type 2 with ease and joy! All after reading one amazing book and learning about my body with the help of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).


But stop, let me give you some background to my history with Diabetes Type 2 first:


After the 6 months of Chemotherapy that I received in 2019 I was for the first time diagnosed with steroid induced insulin resistance, or in short Diabetes type 2. At the time, my HbA1c was high in the diabetic range, and an Endocrinologist whom I saw at the time, told me that my ‘Diabetes Gene’ was now switched on, and I would have to live with it. Of course, I did not share his opinion, and in the following 7 months I dropped 14kg through lifestyle changes, exercise, and a change in my nutrition, and my HbA1c was back to 40nmol/mol, which is at the top end of ‘normal’.


Then came the ‘pandemic’ years and I slowly but surely didn’t pay so much attention to my food or exercise anymore, and not only did I put weight on again, I also let my HbA1c value creep up again, until in August of last year (2023) it had reached a value of 52nmol/mol, which was now definitely in the diabetic range again (just to let you know the cut off values, below 42nmol/mol Diabetes is unlikely, values between 42 and 47nmol/mol indicate Pre-Diabetes and 48nmol/mol and over means you’re diabetic).


So here I was again, being diagnosed as diabetic and I didn’t like it. It’s not just because it means one shouldn’t eat so many sweets, I was more concerned about the long-term effects of Diabetes, which are equally as bad as cancer: heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, nerve damage and other blood vessel problems. Also, it can become harder for blood to get to your extremities, leading to nerve damage in your feet, starting with nerve tingling and up to loss of feeling. Plus, your eyesight can be impacted, as can be your hearing and mental health. So yeah, the list is long. And contrary to my cancer diagnosis, when I wasn’t aware of the state of health in my body, I now am aware and determined to take good care of my body and do what is necessary to allow my body to be healthy.


I started the same regime in December last year that I had used before to reverse the diabetes by changing my lifestyle, with my nutrition to be consisting of fresh vegetables and protein, less starchy food and overall, more exercise. Back in 2020 I had used self-hypnosis to help my body to realise a state with a normal HbA1c, this time I used PSYCH-K® to inform my subconscious mind and with that my body of what I wanted to achieve. Changing my beliefs has become such an integral part of my life journey that I almost forgot to mention this tool here in this blog. Like the first time when I reversed the Pre-Diabetes, I also started seeing results quickly, when my HbA1c dropped from 51 to 48nmol/mol from September 2023 to January 2024, so almost back to pre-diabetic range.


Then happened what I want to share here with you all: I found the BEST support and guidelines I could ever have imagined to flatten my glucose curve, reduce glucose spikes and ultimately drop weight and my HbA1c:


A book called ‘Glucose Revolution’ by Jessie Inchauspé:

Cover of Glucose Revolution Book
Cover of Glucose Revolution Book

Jessie is a scientist whose mission it is to make science easy to understand for everyone, and she does an amazing job in this book! For the first time in my life, I have REALLY understood the differences between fibre, starch, sucrose, glucose and fructose, how and why plants create these different molecules and how our bodies deal with them. It was such a revelation to know that fructose, if it’s not immediately used, can only be stored in our fat cells, whereas glucose can be stored in muscles, in the liver and in fat cells. Well, beside the great biology lesson, Jessie also gives a super simple phenomenal advice: change the order in which you eat. And since I have started every meal with a green salad (fibre), followed by protein and fat, and eating carbohydrates last, I have without any effort dropped 2kg per month while eating more than ever before!


I was also inspired by Jessie’s book and her examples and graphs to find out how my own blood sugar values develop throughout the day, I wanted to know if I had ‘spikes’ like she described them – and boy did I have them! It was so helpful for me to see the effect of carbohydrate-rich food on my blood sugar values, as a person who likes to see numbers it became so evident to me that I want to restrict my sugar intake, or at least consume sugar only after I’ve eaten fibre, fat and proteins first!


Another wonderful insight of wearing the continuous glucose monitor was that I could immediately see the impact of exercise after eating on my blood sugar. Even just getting up after dinner to do some squats and push-ups immediately broke the upward trend and brought the blood sugar down again. So, either going for a walk or doing some squats and push-ups after eating is now part of my daily routine.


If you live in the UK, and you are dealing with Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes Type 2, you can get a continuous glucose monitor to try from a company that sells them, like Abbott Diabetes Care. They offer a free trial at their website, where you just have to answer a few questions and then you can order a CGM if you qualify. It was the best decision I’ve ever made, to try this and see the effect of food on my blood sugar values! You can check out the link above to see if you qualify for a free trial as well.


Since I have implemented Jessie’s 10 hacks I have experienced better sleep, less hunger, a lower resting heart rate and I generally feel better and my digestion has improved. PLUS, I have dropped 4.3kg in two months without even once restricting my food, I have in fact eaten more than before! The CGM also has calculated a HbA1c of 45nmol/mol for me, but that is obviously only calculated and not yet confirmed. That will only happen when I get my next blood test done in April, and I will update the result to this blog post.


So, if you are dealing with Diabetes Type 2 or Pre-Diabetes and want to reverse it or at least understand how your body reacts to food and how you can eat to make life easier for your body, Jessie’s book is an essential tool for you! She also has a great Instagram account with tons of information as well as a YouTube channel in which she shares all her insights in an easy-to-understand format. She shares her 10 hacks on her website and in her videos, so I have included a link to her website here as well, in the hope that you will look her work up and learn more from Jessie about this fascinating topic.


Please find below links to her website, her Instagram account and her YouTube channel, her work is amazing and it can only help you to learn more about your body and how to support it so it can be and stay healthy for you! (And no, I do not earn anything from sharing the links to her work, I just want you all to benefit from her work!)

This is her website, where when you scroll down, you can download her 10 hacks for free:

You can find her very informative and interesting 'Science Show' videos here:

And finally, her Instagram and Facebook pages:


Update April 2024: Phenomenal Results!

I am thrilled to share with you the latest update on my journey to reverse Diabetes Type 2.

As mentioned in the text above, I have been eagerly awaiting my latest blood test results to confirm the effectiveness of the strategies I have been implementing, which included following the 10 hacks from Jessie Inchauspé's book "Glucose Revolution" and using PSYCH-K® to change my mindset and also to inform my body of the desired HbA1c levels.

I am thrilled to report that my latest HbA1c result is an astounding 39 nmol/mol, which is well within the healthy range and a significant improvement from my previous results. I am no longer in the diabetic range, and also no longer in the pre-diabetic range, but clearly in the 'normal' range (just to remind you of the cut off values, below 42nmol/mol Diabetes is unlikely, values between 42 and 47nmol/mol indicate Pre-Diabetes and 48nmol/mol and over means you’re diabetic). This latest blood test and its result is a clear indication that the combination of lifestyle changes, mindset shifts, and the invaluable insights from Jessie's book have been extremely effective in helping me reverse Diabetes Type 2.

HbA1c result April 2024

I have to say that especially wearing a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) has been mind-blowing as well as incredibly insightful and motivational for me. Seeing the impact that food or exercise or stress have on my blood sugar values has educated me and showed me why it makes total sense to be mindful of what I eat, when I exercise and why I need to deal with stress when it arises. Sure, I consciously new about these effects, but seeing how my blood sugar spiked and how I could stop the trend by exercising or relaxing has been amazing learning curve. Now I know not only that, but also WHY I want to look after my body and care for it.

Just like the experience of how my body wanted to heal after the mastectomy operation, I have now seen how hard it tries to deal with the sugar I pour into it, and I have every intention to make life easier for my body, so that it can serve me longer and create a healthy life for me.

I also want to share that in addition to the incredible improvement in my HbA1c, I have also experienced significant weight loss, albeit I never consciously dieted or restricted my food intake. Over the past 3 months, I have dropped almost 6 kg, going from 83.3 kg to 77.4 kg. This weight shedding has been achieved through the consistent application of the 10 hacks from "Glucose Revolution" and without any feelings of deprivation or restriction. I have not counted any calories, I have actually eaten more than before, because every meal is now preceded by a salad, and I have had a serving of water with apple cider vinegar before every meal. Then I simply ate every meal in the order suggested by Jessie: fibres first, then proteins and fat, and carbohydrates last. Every other night I also had a dessert after dinner, so I definitely did not deprive myself of the sweet treats that I like. And yes, I went for a 30 minute walk on every day that it didn't rain, and when it rained I got up after dinner and did 30-50 squats and 30-50 wall push-ups, always alternating the exercises after I reached 10 repetitions. Even that I didn't do every day, only perhaps 3 times a week, so it definitely wasn't a 'regime', but rather something I remembered and chose to do, in order to support my body by using up some of the energy I had just put into my body. It almost was something I did to strengthen the feeling of 'we're in this together' between my body and myself.

I would say that using PSYCH-K® has been a game-changer on my journey to reversing Diabetes Type 2 in that it helped to achieve this phenomenal result. By informing my body not only of how I wanted my pancreas and all my cells to act in regards to insulin and sugar, but also of the HbA1c levels I wanted to achieve, I have been able to harness the power of my subconscious mind to support my goals. I started by implementing that I had an HbA1c "well below 48," then progressed to "around 40," and finally stated that I have "the HbA1c of a healthy adult." I believe that this gradual reprogramming of my beliefs has been instrumental in achieving these remarkable results.

I am filled with deep gratitude for the knowledge and tools that Jessie Inchauspé has shared in her book "Glucose Revolution" that have empowered and supported me to take control of my health and reverse Diabetes Type 2 so incredibly fast and successfully. I hope that by sharing my experience, others who are facing similar challenges will be inspired to explore these strategies and embark on their own journey towards better health and well-being.

Remember, small changes can lead to significant results, and with the right mindset and tools, it is possible to achieve the health outcomes you desire. Keep learning, keep implementing, and most importantly, keep believing in yourself and your body's ability to heal.

If you would like to know more about my experience or get my help to embark on a similar journey, please reach out to me through the form below, and I will be happy to support you.

And for those who want to get a CGM to monitor their own glucose values, here's a trick for the Abbott's Freestyle Libre 2, that I have used. The application is absolutely painfree, and the CGM sticks perfectly to the skin, even showering has never been a problem for me. With the first one, I had slight problems to remove it, as it stuck to tightly to my skin. I have learned to rub a bit of oil all around the CGM for a few minutes before removing it, that eases the glue and the monitor will come off easily. I use bio oil, which by the way is also fantastic on scars to let them heal really well.

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