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Finding Rhythm in Life: How My Drumming Journey and Mindset Transformation are related

The Symphony of Learning: Drums, Mind, and Spirit

Hello, lovely readers!

Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to share a recent journey of mine – a rhythmic adventure into the world of drumming! As a passionate advocate for meditation, spiritual practices, and the enigmatic 'flow' state, I've found a new avenue to explore these realms: drumming.

Tanya sitting at a drum kit and smiling at the camera

Music, to me, has always been more than mere sound. It's a spiritual truth, tangible and profound. With some experience in guitar and piano, I've always felt music as a bridge to the spiritual world. It's an exquisite blend of logic, mathematics, and, most intriguingly, the power of silence – the pause between notes that truly shapes the melody.

And now, onto my latest escapade – learning to play the drums! This wasn't just about making noise but about discovering a new rhythm, a new way of expressing the dance of life. Initially, as I sat at the drum kit, my limbs seemed to have a mind of their own, all moving in unison, but not quite in the way I wanted. The true magic unfolded when, with a bit of focus and practice, I managed to play a standard eighth-note drum rhythm. This seemingly simple rhythm was a revelation, each limb finding its own beat, creating a harmonious symphony.

Achieving this rhythm was akin to entering a flow state, where my body, mind, and spirit aligned, resonating with the universe's rhythmic pulse. It was a moment of pure magic, a sensation of embodying the spiritual truth I always sought through music. Interestingly, it lasted while I kept my eyes closed, and as soon as I opened my eyes, the automatic behaviour of my limbs set in again.

This experience mirrored the essence of mindset work. Just like teaching my limbs to move independently, overcoming their automatic responses, I saw a parallel in how we can rewire our thoughts and beliefs. This process of deliberate creation and shifting from autopilot to a conscious, creative state is at the heart of transforming our habits and mindsets.

Sitting at the drum kit, coordinating each limb, I experienced change in real time, and it can happen so much faster than we think. If my body can adapt so quickly to a new rhythm, imagine the swiftness with which our minds can embrace new beliefs and habits. Our minds, after all, operate in the realm of energy, a domain far more rapid and boundless.

This drumming experience has in some way illuminated my passion for mindset engineering through PSYCH-K®. It's a vivid, tangible reminder that we are capable of profound changes, both in thought and action. If drumming can teach me to find harmony in the physical complexity of my body, then clearly, with dedication and belief, our minds can learn to orchestrate our lives with a deliberately self-chosen rhythm, balance, and beauty.

So, dear readers, I encourage you to find your rhythm, be it in music, meditation, or any pursuit that brings you joy and alignment. Remember, every beat, every pause, and every note in the symphony of life contributes to your unique melody. To me, writing your own melody, becoming your very own and original personality is the most fascinating opportunity we have been given in this life, and it is so exciting to create myself and my song of life.

Keep drumming to your own beat, and watch as your world transforms in harmony!

With love and rhythm,


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