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My Story

I started out my professional career on an almost pre-planned path; my father had worked for the German airline Lufthansa, and I followed in his footsteps by completing an airline industry manager apprenticeship there and studying economics and gaining people skills while handling aircraft. All the while, I realised that I didn't want a 'big career' or become a director of the company - I enjoyed listening to people and found great fulfilment when I could help them. 

So the first attempt to follow my 'calling' was when I left Lufthansa and joined a priest seminary. I studied there for 2 years in order to become a priest, but left before I got ordained, mainly because of the organisational structure of the church I belonged to. 

I then moved from Germany to the UK and started a career in hospitality, which saw me becoming the first female Night Manager of the Savoy hotel in London. I enjoyed the 'pastoral' part of the work at night, when I looked after stranded guests as well as colleagues who were struggling with all different kinds of issues and I also developed my management style which was respected by my teams as well as by the management as shown by the leadership awards I earned. 

It was in fact a colleague, who one night told me that my talents were wasted in the hotel at night, and that I should go out and help more people (thank you Nick!).

That's what started my next attempt to follow my calling and I trained to become a life coach and subsequently a hypnotherapist. In my first year I helped over a hundred clients to stop smoking or drinking, drop weight or become more confident, overcome self-harming thoughts and many other significant issues. I found that life coaching in combination with hypnotherapy was ideally suited to identify and resolve limiting beliefs and to help clients who wanted to resolve any issues with addictions. However, my desire was to help cancer patients with the powerful tools of hypnosis and coaching, but I had never been seriously ill in my life, so I thought 'who am I to help someone with such a terrible illness?'

At this point my partner suffered a mild heart attack and was subsequently diagnosed with a neuroendocrine cancer in his stomach, so I learned a lot about caring for a cancer patient and how to support someone who doesn't think in the same holistic ways about health as I do. A year later, just as his treatments were ending successfully, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and so now I found myself experiencing being a cancer patient. I have been very interested in holistic approaches to treat many disorders since I was a teenager, and never liked the idea of chemotherapy, so at this point I had to make some difficult decisions. The result was a compromise of combining my holistic approaches with modern medicine and I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction as well as chemotherapy and radiation, and all that while experiencing next to no side effects and excellent healing, thanks to all the holistic therapies I applied. I have documented this journey in a book which will be published soon.

I am now at a stage where I combine ​all that I have learned and all that I have experienced with all my holistic and spiritual studies and I am able to offer a form of coaching that allows me to hold a safe space for my clients, in which we can dive deep and find profound answers to the questions that many have carried all their life.

My most recent training has qualified me as a PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator and I can now offer the powerful tools of PSYCH-K® to my clients. PSYCH-K® is a simple way to effectively remove stress and a very fast way to change limiting beliefs. It can be integrated in the coaching process or booked as a stand-alone session to work on specific issues.

Based on my training as a clinical hypnotherapist (I trained with Marisa Peer and Dr. John Butler) and the coaching skills I gained when training for my 'Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills' at Coaching Development I can help people with many issues, but my true passion lies in assisting successful professionals to get out of the 'daily grind' that leads them towards a burnout, a depression or even a cancer diagnosis, and help them to discover their inner locks and the keys they need to turn, to become the truly happy, healthy and self-loving and self-respecting human being they deserve to be. It took me a while to get there, and now I want to light the way for as many other people as possible! And with the help of PSYCH-K®, you can get there even faster!

My experience & qualifications
  • Airline Industry Manager Apprenticeship (1991-1993)

  • BA in Economics (1995)

  • Ramp Agent (Lufthansa aircraft handling) (1993-2003)

  • Studies at a Priest Seminary (2001-2003)

  • 16 years of London 5-star Hotel Night Management during which I gained 5 Leadership awards (2003-2019)

  • Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills from Coaching Development (2015) 

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist (2017)

  • Experience of cancer as a carer (2018)

  • Experience of cancer as a patient (2019)

  • PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator (2023)

  • PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator for Health and Wellbeing (2023)

Tanya Sperling in a life coaching session
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