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My Book

"Thrive to Survive - The Art of Creatively Dealing with Cancer" is a documentation of everything I learned, experienced and applied on my own breast cancer journey. It can help you to maximise your own healing powers if you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, or you can use the insights to ensure that you create a healthy and happy life for yourself.

Tanya Sperling in a hospital be receiving chemotherapy

I received my breast cancer diagnosis in 2019, three months after my partner had finished his own cancer treatments, and although the diagnosis came as a surprise, I saw it as a challenge and an opportunity to apply all the things I had learned on my holistic and spiritual journey so far. 

It turned out that my body reacted extremely well to the hypnosis and meditations I used during the time I received treatments, and it healed 'exceptionally well' in the words of my surgeons. Particularly hypnotherapy for stress helped my body to heal, as it helped to create homeostasis, which allows the immune system do do all the necessary repair work. During the entire year of all treatments, all doctors and nurses were impressed by my unwavering positivity and curiosity, I never seized to ask more questions so I could use the information to support my healing.

The book is a documentation of my journey, and a summary of all that I have learned throughout it. I am very interested in science and medicine, and I probably would have studied medicine, had I not started my career at Lufthansa. I am also very interested in the spiritual world and holistic therapies, so I decided to merge both approaches in my own healing journey. In the book I share what worked and what didn't work, and how you can use my experience to improve your own cancer healing journey. I also talk about the difference of being the carer for a cancer patient, a friend or therapist of the patient, or the cancer patient yourself - and why I found that becoming the patient was the final step on my journey to becoming, in the words of my clients, a first-rate coach and hypnotherapist.

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