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Living healthier thanks to PSYCH-K®

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

I am very happy to share my first guest blog post here today. Helen has worked with me and used PSYCH-K® to bring change into her life, and it is such an honour for me to share her experience here on my blog. I am so proud of you Helen, and all that you have achieved with the help of PSYCH-K® and your commitment to taking action!

Here is her story, I hope it will give you an idea of the process of how PSYCH-K® works, and also how it can be used in many different areas:

Cheating into dropping weight?

Thanks to Tanya, it does feel like that. She changed my relationship with food so much, that it almost feels like eating healthy and dropping weight is cheating compared to how difficult it was before. I want to share my story so anybody who reads it, might feel encouraged and dive into their new self with the help of Tanya.

We need to start at the beginning

When I was a kid, I was always one of the the tallest kids in my class, I was a slim and quick girl, always running, always full of energy. But that changed when I was 13. That summer I stopped growing, I stopped running around but I remained eating everything I always had. I gained weight and before I knew it, I was no longer the slim kid, but a girl with lots of roundings. Not bad in the beginning, but it didn’t stop there.

Fast forward to 2023

At the beginning of 2023 there was more of me than ever. I was in the high risk category with my bmi and I sort of gave up to ever getting a healthy weight. I had done it several times over the past 35 years, but it never remained and I always ended up with more of me. So I figured I’d better give up trying, I just couldn’t do it. *shrugs*  And then I met Tanya. We were walking in Germany, on the island of Rügen, up hill to a Chris de Burgh concert in an open air theater. And Tanya was telling me about PSYCH-K®. *grin* In Tanya’s words: it’s super cool! It’s amazing! You can really change something inside you, with just one session! It’s so powerfull! And I replied: I wish you could make me lose weight. Tanya replied with lots of confidence: Yes, I can, I’m sure of that. But it only works if you are serious about it and really want to change. I was a bit sceptical and Tanya proposed to show me with something simple, that we could do while walking towards the theater. We talked about my stress when my husband and I moore a boat in a full harbour and after 15 minutes she said: this summer, when you’re sailing, you won’t feel that stress. AND IT WORKED! It took a few months before I was in that stressful situation of mooring the boat in a full harbour and I didn’t feel the stress! Yes, Tanya, it is super cool and amazing.

A session with Tanya

Two days later, we met in a hotel room in Stade, Germany, where we were for the next Chris de Burgh concert (free advice: listen to his album Moonfleet, it’s my favorite 🎶). It was a professional PSYCH-K® session. I’m not going to tell you what Tanya did, but it took us a little over an hour and she changed my relationship with food. And now, more then 6 months later, it still sticks! We found out that when it came to food, I always tried to live up to other people's expectations. I would never say ‘no’ to offered food, afraid of hurting others who made the effort. In restaurants I always finished the plates, because what would the chef or waiter think if I didn’t? Tanya made me realise that I was the one who was making the decisions about what I wanted to eat and that those decisions shouldn’t be based on what I thought others would feel, but on my own needs. Well, realise is not the right word in the sentence above, it’s how I live now. I stop eating if I feel I’ve had enough and I don’t eat the things I don’t want to eat. And that is a big change in my life. Food is no longer the main issue anymore. I can go out without worrying if I will get a meal in time and without eating before I leave or taking things with me. I can walk through a shop without stopping at the candy shelfs or buying chocolate. And it feels super cool! My weight goes down very slowly, but I’m not worried about that, I will get there. The most important thing is that I feel healthier and happier, thanks to the super cool and awesome Tanya.

Dutch Champion

With that last sentence I could easily stop this blog, but I want to share my son's experience as well. My son Tijmen is a speedcuber (solving a Rubik’s cube or simular puzzle as fast as you can) and he has been Dutch Champion in his favorite event square-1 for 7 years now. But the competition came closer and he got more and more trouble controlling his nerves. So after my experience with Tanya, I decided to give my son the present of a PSYCH-K® session with Tanya. It was two months before the Dutch Championships, so the session had to stick and last. It was an online session and Tijmen didn’t tell me a lot about it. But it worked! At the Dutch Championship he messed up his second solve and I was afraid his nerves would get the best of him. But using the techniques he developped with Tanya, he regained his calm and he ended with three very fast solves. Not only making him Dutch Champion in square-1 again, but also setting a new Dutch record. That is what PSYCH-K® can do for you. It’s super cool!

Helen, Netherlands

And here you can watch how Tijmen became the Dutch Champion again:

Congratulations Tijmen!!! Super well done for regaining your concentration and getting amazing times on the last three solves!!

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