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Ongoing Mentoring, Coaching and Hypnosis

If you choose to work with me for six or more months, we will not only dive deep into any topics or issues you want to work on, you will also have a mentor by your side to support your continuous development, ensuring that you keep the direction you have chosen and keeping you accountable if you want to.

Usually a burnout, a depression or a crisis like a cancer diagnosis have not built up in your body and mind over night, and it takes time to uncover and understand the reasons why this crisis developed. It also takes time to integrate the new learning and implement new beliefs and behaviours. Having a mentor by your side through this period of intentional change is ideally suited to help you to continue practising new habits in order to ensure lasting change and continually improving health. Health and wellness coaching, PSYCH-K® sessions and hypnotherapy for stress complement each other ideally when you want work on health issues that require you to change lifelong habits that seem to be hard to let go off. 

While we work together I am available between our sessions for questions or other support via Whatsapp or email. 

If working with me for this length of time and thereby resolving several issues interests you, then please use the contact form below to arrange a free 45 Minute Discovery Call with me. Alternatively, click here to choose a set time and book the free call directly.

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