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Why in-person training is the BEST!

In the last two months I have attended four in-person training courses to learn a new modality called PSYCH-K®, and I have to say it was not just the content that blew me away, but also all the personal interactions that I had with all the other course participants.

After the years of 'keeping a distance' and also studying a lot online, I was deliberating at first, if I should start learning PSYCH-K® online, or rather in person, but the decision came quite quickly, that I wanted to go for in-person rather than online. What a wise decision!!

I noticed right on the first day, before the training even started, how I had 'forgotten' my natural ability to talk to people that I don't know and how I had to overcome this first inhibition and remind myself that 'it is natural for me to talk to people', even if they are not on a screen, but right in front of me. It was interesting to observe myself and also to notice how quickly I found my old self-assertive self again and enjoyed the interactions and to meet new people. During the PSYCH-K® training we obviously facilitated the balances with each other, so I quickly got used to working 'in-person' again and found my confidence. It was super helpful to be in an environment where we all felt similar, and we all created this 'safe bubble' in which we were permitted to be vulnerable and learn with each other and from each other.

The first three courses, the Basic, Advanced and Master Facilitation course were all held in the same venue within the space of three weeks, and I met so many new faces and made new friends, and I really treasured the experiences that I had during these courses.

After this initial training I went on a short holiday to Germany, and in true 'Tanya-style' I talked to everybody I met about PSYCH-K® and offered free taster sessions and also kept working online with my clients, offering them PSYCH-K® through Zoom, and it was a brilliant opportunity to gain more experience and practise.

Two days after returning to London, the PSYCH-K® Health and Wellness course started, and it was again an in-person training, and I have to say it was the most transformative training I have ever attended. PSYCH-K® truly opens the doors to the spiritual and energy world, and I was deeply impressed how far these worlds stretch... one really has to experience it as it cannot be put into words. Our instructor said the same so often before introducing new balances to us, and all of the participants were astonished when we experienced the reality of them. It was such an honour and also a blessing to be facilitating these balances with my partners, as it is a rare opportunity to witness such blessed moments. I am truly looking forward to sharing such moments with my clients when I facilitate these balances with them!

Looking back on these training courses, I have to say that all the interactions with the other facilitators and the instructors were so illuminating, joyful and simply healing, because I had not participated in an in-person training since 2019, and I missed the personal interactions, even though I didn't realise it. I loved sharing my own experiences and learning from those of others, and my overall learning was so much richer, because we all learned together, with and from each other.

It is one thing to be on a holiday and share the time with friends that I've missed and something else altogether to embark on a learning journey with people that I don't know, and form a unique bond through shared experiences. I will definitely continue my learning journey in person whenever I can. After all, we are experiencing our lives in a physical body and even though we are all connected all the time wherever we are, it is a special opportunity to be somewhere together and share great experiences!

Thank you to all my new PSYCH-K® facilitator colleagues for making the start of my journey so enjoyable!!

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