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A Day to Remember: The Honeymoon Effect with Bruce Lipton

Updated: Jun 27

The cover page of the event the Honeymoon Effect with a portrait of Bruce Lipton

Have you ever experienced a day that felt like a perfect blend of serendipity, inspiration, and personal growth? That's exactly what happened to me last Saturday when I volunteered at Bruce Lipton's 'The Honeymoon Effect' workshop in London. Let me take you on a journey through this incredible day that left me feeling energised, inspired, and deeply grateful.

First, a bit of context. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, is a pioneering cell biologist and bestselling author whose work has profoundly influenced my understanding of how our subconscious mind influences our body. His book 'The Biology of Belief' has been fundamental in my journey as a coach and hypnotherapist, and it played a crucial role in supporting my body to heal from breast cancer.

The event, held at The Light Euston in London, was a one-day workshop exploring 'The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth'. Dr Lipton delved into the concept of the Honeymoon Effect - a state of bliss, passion, energy, and health resulting from a huge love. He explained how this state is accessible to everyone and can be applied not just to romantic relationships, but to all aspects of life.

Now, onto my personal experience of the day. I've been following Bruce's work since about 2015, and I first saw him live in 2017 at a TCCHE event alongside Gregg Braden and Dr Joe Dispenza. It was at this event that Bruce introduced the audience and me to PSYCH-K®, a modality to change the subconscious mind. At the time, I wasn't convinced, having just learned hypnotherapy. Little did I know how significant PSYCH-K® would become in my life! Below you see us back in 2017:

Fast forward to 2024, and I'm now a PSYCH-K® preferred facilitator. When I saw an advert for 'The Honeymoon Effect' event on Facebook, I jumped at the chance to volunteer, because it was already sold out by the time I heard about the event. I was thrilled when my friend Tatiana also got the opportunity to volunteer with me.

The day started early with the registration of 1,000 attendees. As a volunteer, I had various duties throughout the day, from checking wristbands to helping at the bookstore. But the real magic happened in between these tasks.

During registration, a woman approached me, exclaiming, "Tanya Sperling! You were supposed to hold a talk in Suffolk!" It turned out she had been at my talk in February and recognised me - what a wonderful surprise!

Later, during the lunch break, I had another exciting moment. While showing a friend the Amazon listing of my book 'Glucose Wisdom' in the Ladies' Toilet, I noticed my first 5-star review! I couldn't contain my excitement, jumping up and down like a little girl, much to the amusement of the other ladies present.

The workshop itself was fascinating. Bruce explained complex scientific concepts in an engaging and understandable way, covering topics from quantum physics to epigenetics. He discussed how our subconscious programming, formed before the age of seven, shapes our behaviours and relationships. He also explored how we can use this knowledge to create and sustain loving partnerships and a fulfilling life. Below are a few pictures of his slides. I was particularly impressed by how long it would take to count all the 50 trillion cells of our body... only 1.650.000 years!!! Just think about that for a moment... what an amazing cooperative we are in our body, every single body is!!

One of the highlights for me was when Bruce mentioned PSYCH-K® during his talk. After the workshop, I had the opportunity to demonstrate PSYCH-K® to a few attendees, including a lady in a wheelchair who couldn't attend the official demonstration. It was an incredible feeling to help people and see their beliefs shift in real time. Not to mention that those who were watching applauded in the end... a very strange but beautiful experience.

As the day drew to a close, I managed to get my copy of Bruce's book signed. I also wrote a heartfelt note in one of my own books for Bruce, thanking him for his inspiration and sharing how his work had helped me overcome breast cancer. I gave this to his wife, Margaret, hoping that Bruce might read it and perhaps even my book.

The day ended with a lovely dinner with friends, reflecting on the amazing experiences we'd shared. Seven years after first seeing Bruce live, I had the chance to thank him for his inspiration and serve at his event. It was truly an honour.

Four women smiling at the camera

This experience reminded me of the power of never stopping dreaming and always keeping believing. The most amazing things can happen when you least expect them!

If you're interested in learning more about Bruce Lipton's work or the concepts discussed in 'The Honeymoon Effect', I highly recommend checking out his books. And if you're curious about how these ideas can be applied to managing diabetes or improving overall health, my book 'Glucose Wisdom' might be just what you're looking for.

Remember, as Bruce teaches us, we have more control over our biology - and our lives - than we might think. It's all about understanding and reprogramming our subconscious beliefs. Whether through PSYCH-K®, hypnotherapy, or other modalities, the power to create our own 'Honeymoon Effect' lies within us all.

Have you ever had a similarly inspiring experience at a workshop or event? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

If you have any questions about the slides, feel free to contact me through the form below and I will be happy to answer them!


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