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Life Coach, Hypnotherapist &

PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator

Tanya Sperling

Map out your path to healing

My Mission

Since my childhood it has been my deepest desire to bring more love and light onto this planet, and after 25 years of searching and learning, I have finally found the best way to bring my calling into action by helping those who are in a life crisis to find true self-love and lasting inner and outer healing.

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My Story

My professional career has seen me handling aircrafts and managing hotels, while studying economics and at a priest seminary helped to develop the skills I needed to help my clients in the way that I can best - by holding a safe space and listening deeply on all levels.

What I do

As a life coach, hypnotherapist and PSYCH-K® facilitator I have also integrated my training as a priest into my work, which allows me to connect deeply with all my clients, and together we find deep inner answers to the questions that keep them restless. True healing does not come from the outside, but from deep self recognition, understanding and love.

I am an expert in identifying limiting beliefs and I help my clients to let go of the chains that keep them from finding true inner happiness and health. You are both the lock and the key to your inner strength, happiness and health, let me assist you to turn the key and unlock the 'undiscovered you'. This 'unlocking' can be facilitated through hypnosis or through PSYCH-K®, which is a simple, fast and effective process to reprogram your subconscious mind. I am a preferred PSYCH-K® facilitator, if you are interested in a PSYCH-K® session, please click here.

Based on my own life experience, I have a particular interest in working with those who feel that they are just about to face a breakdown or who are perhaps already finding themselves in a life crisis, and to help them to get through it or avoid it altogether. Together we explore why their life seems to have fallen apart and find ways to change their life, their life experiences and perhaps most importantly, to improve their health.


If you are not sure where you stand in terms of facing a 'life crisis', click here to take a short quiz to find out how well developed your burnout survival skills are.

If you choose to work with me, these are some areas that we might look at to map out your path to healing:









Work with me for a month on one specific issue. 



Take advantage of my coaching and hypnosis skills for three months to unlock deep and lasting change in you.



Take charge of your life and work on beliefs and traumas that have prevented you from being your 'true' self.

Therapy Sessions

I have known Tanya for 4 years...She kindly told me she could help me... Tanya was so patient in listening to me and compassionate. It was easy to build a rapport with her and open up about my struggles...

By breaking down the individual problems and systematically tackling them, the problems felt like they were shrinking fast... I left the session feeling empowered and positive about managing my pregnancy and health...

Coming home as a family with a healthy baby was the biggest achievement... No words can ever express my gratitude towards Tanya.

Please read the full testimonial here!

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