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If you have attended one of my talks, you may be interested to find out more about certain topics. 

Here you will find links to videos on the internet that I have referred to during my talk and a list of books that I believe are useful for further study on the topic of ‘wholesome physical and mental well-being’ as well as ‘why we get ill’. It is a shortlist of books that I have studied through the years, and a lot of what I talked about, I have learned from these authors. Studying these books will help you to understand yourself better, show possible reasons why you may have manifested stress or an illness in your life, and give you advice on what you can do about it and what to cook while you do that.


The first book that I would like to recommend as I think it is the most comprehensive and well researched book on the topic of breast cancer is ‘Heal Breast Cancer Naturally – 7 Essential Steps to Beating Breast Cancer’ by Dr. Véronique Desaulniers[i]. She compiles all the most common natural approaches to healing breast cancer and gives easy to follow advice. If you only want to read one other book, this should be it.


The second most important book to give you an insight on why you may have gotten ill and what to do about it is ‘When The Body Says No’ by Dr. Gabor Maté[ii]. He is a physician who through the observation of and conversations with his patients has learned and documented the commonalities between patients that develop a certain illness.


In order to understand why the way we feel and think about the world and ourself influences our body, I recommend ‘The Biology of Belief’ by Dr. Bruce Lipton[iii]. It is a very entertaining book and explains complex biological science in easy layman’s terms.


To learn self-hypnosis and understand how we hypnotise ourselves every day without knowing it, I recommend Gil Boyne’s book ‘Self Hypnosis[iv].


If you want to let food by thy medicine and learn about cancer healing food and how to prepare it, I recommend ‘Cancer Free With Food’ by Liana Werner-Gray[v], which gives a great overview as well as detailed recipes.


The following are further books on the selected topics that I also recommend if you want to dive in deeper. Most authors have written more than the books that I am mentioning here, I am only recommending what I believe is a good book to start with.



  • ‘Why We Sleep’ by Mathew Walker[vi]

  • ‘Cured’ by Dr. Jeff Rediger[vii]

  • ‘The Body’ by Bill Bryson[viii]

  • ‘Gut’ by Giulia Enders[ix]

  • ‘Accessing The Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve’ by Stanley Rosenberg[x]

  • ‘The Wisdom of Your Cells’ by Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D.[xi]

  • ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ by Bessel van der Kolk[xii]

  • ‘One Spirit Medicine’ by Dr. Alberto Villoldo[xiii]

  • ‘Grow a New Body’ by Dr. Alberto Villoldo[xiv]


  • ‘The Four Agreements’ by don Miguel Ruiz[xv]

  • ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle[xvi]

  • ‘Excuses Begone!’ by Wayne D. Dyer[xvii]

  • ‘Becoming Supernatural’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza[xviii]

  • ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ by Brené Brown[xix]

  • ‘The Gift of Imperfection’ by Brené Brown[xx]

  • ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza[xxi]

  • ‘You are the Placebo’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza[xxii]

  • ‘An Ancient Magical Prayer’ by Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra[xxiii]

  • ‘Mind to Matter’ by Dawson Church[xxiv]

  • ‘Bliss Brain’ by Dawson Church[xxv]

  • ‘The Power of Eight’ by Lynne McTaggart[xxvi]

  • ‘Being You, Changing The World’ by Dr. Dain Heer[xxvii]

  • ‘Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide To Joy’ by Sadghuru Jaggi Vasudev[xxviii]

  • ‘The Secrets of Natural Success’ by William Whitecloud[xxix]

  • ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor E. Frankl[xxx]

  • ‘The Choice’ by Dr. Edith Eger[xxxi]

  • ‘The Gift’ by Dr. Edith Eger[xxxii]

  • ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’ by Vishen Lakhiani[xxxiii]

  • ‘Kosmic Consciousness’ by Ken Wilber[xxxiv]

  • ‘The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran[xxxv]

Healing from or dealing with Illness / Near Death Experiences

  • ‘Dying to be me’ by Anita Moorjani[xxxvi]

  • ‘My Stroke of Insight’ by Jill Taylor Bolte[xxxvii]

  • ‘On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life’ by John O’Leary[xxxviii]

  • ‘Crashing Through’ by Robert Kurson[xxxix]

  • ‘Small Steps’ by Paul McNeive[xl]

  • ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by Mitch Albom[xli]

  • ‘Proof of Heaven’ by Dr. Eben Alexander[xlii]

  • ‘Life After Life’ by Dr. Raymond Moody[xliii]

  • ‘Return from Tomorrow’ by George G. Ritchie[xliv]

  • ‘Many lives, Many Masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss[xlv]



  • ‘Food: WTF should I eat’ by Dr. Mark Hyman[xlvi]

  • ‘The Pegan Diet’ by Dr. Mark Hyman[xlvii]

  • ‘Eat To Live’ by Dr. Joel Fuhrman[xlviii]

  • ‘Super Immunity’ by Dr. Joel Fuhrman[xlix]

  • ‘The End of Diabetes’ by Dr. Joel Fuhrman[l]

  • ‘Neale’s Yard Remedies: Healing Foods – Eat your way to a healthier life’[li]

  • ‘Green for Life’ by Victoria Boutenko[lii]

  • ‘Beauty Detox Solution’ by Kimberly Snyder[liii]

  • ‘Medical Medium Celery Juice’ by Anthony William[liv]

  • ‘Life Changing Foods’ by Anthony William[lv]

  • ‘You Can Be Thin’ by Marisa Peer[lvi]

  • ‘Eat Yourself Fit’ by Rosanna Davison (Vegan Recipes)[lvii]

  • ‘Eat Yourself Beautiful’ by Rosanna Davison (Vegan Recipes)[lviii]

  • ‘Crazy Sexy Juice’ by Kris Carr[lix]

  • Alternative Healing Research

  • ‘The Truth About Cancer’ by Ty M. Bollinger[lx]

  • ‘Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally’ by Chris Wark[lxi]

  • ‘Radical Remission – Surviving Cancer Against All Odds’ by Kelly A. Turner PhD[lxii]

  • ‘The Art of Jin Shin: The Japanese Practice of Healing With Your Fingertips’ by Alexis Brink[lxiii]

  • ‘Cancer Medicine from Nature, 2nd Edition – The Herbal Cancer Formulas of Edgar Cayce & Harry Hoxsey’ by Roger Bloom[lxiv]




Internet links:


Robert Peng Qi Gong: His website is and has all information about his courses. If you subscribe to his newsletter, you will get two free videos with exercises and his audiobook to download:

The course I used is called ‘The Master Key’ and is available in book, video and audio format on


Jin Shin Jyutsu: simple exercise: or search for ‘Simply Help Yourself: The Main Central Flow on YouTube. 
More information on the method is available here: They show 4 great self help exercises here:


HeartMath Institute:

Meditations of the HeartMath Institute:

 and ‘Quick Coherence Tool’:


Metabolic Renewal:


Polyvagal Exercises:

Stephen Porges’ website: covers the topic extensively, including many interesting videos and interviews. His book is called ‘The Polyvagal Theory’, however I have never read it. He explains the theory very vividly in the interviews.


For additional information check out: It has a 20-minute video in which Stephen Porges and Deb Dana explain ‘What is Polyvagal Theory and Why Does It Matter?’ 


Deb Dana’s course on SoundsTrue: ‘Befriending Your Nervous System’ is fabulous to learn about the Polyvagal Theory and how to apply it to yourself and what exercises to do:


Deb Dana’s book ‘Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection: 50 Client-Centered Practises’ offers a great catalogue of exercises, and ‘The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy’ explains it in an understandable way. Her website also offers plenty of information:


Dr. Eva Detko’s website is:, where you can get her free ‘Vagus Nerve 101’ guide, which gives a fantastic overview, explanation and exercises.


I also liked Steven Phelps’ book ‘Vagus Nerve: The Self-Therapy Guide Based on the Polyvagal Theory’ and the exercises explained in it as well as Stanley Rosenberg’s book ‘Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve’.

Some exercises (quoted from Dr. Eva Detko’s Vagus Nerve 101):


Bottom-up approach:

  • Deep breathing

  • Singing/chanting

  • Yoga/Tai Chi/Qi Gong

  • Essential oils

  • Coffee enemas

  • Gargling/gag reflex

  • Cold Showers

  • Fasting

  • Probiotics/EFAs

Top-down approach:

  • Meditation

  • Havening Techniques/EFT/EMDR/Somatic Experiencing

  • Psychotherapy

  • Positive Social Connection

  • Expressing Gratitude

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Biofeedback

  • Laughter

  • Prayer

Dr. Arielle Schwartz recommends these 5 Vagus Nerve Stimulation Exercises:


Unless you have a surgically implanted device you actually cannot directly stimulate your vagus nerve; however, you can indirectly stimulate your vagus nerve to relieve keyed up or shut down nervous system states. Remember, your vagus nerve passes through your belly, diaphragm, lungs, throat, inner ear, and facial muscles. Therefore, practices that change or control the actions of these areas of the body can influence the functioning of the vagus nerve through the mind-body feedback loop. You can try these from the comfort of your living room:

  • Humming: The vagus nerve passes through by the vocal cords and the inner ear and the vibrations of humming is a free and easy way to influence your nervous system states. Simply pick your favorite tune and you’re ready to go. Or if yoga fits your lifestyle you can “OM” your way to well-being. Notice and enjoy the sensations in your chest, throat, and head. (Learn about Vagus Nerve Stimulation with Yoga here).

  • Conscious Breathing: The breath is one of the fastest ways to influence our nervous system states. The aim is to move the belly and diaphragm with the breath and to slow down your breathing. Vagus nerve stimulation occurs when the breath is slowed from our typical 10-14 breaths per minute to 5-7 breaths per minute. You can achieve this by counting the inhalation to 5, hold briefly, and exhale to a count of 10. You can further stimulate the vagus nerve by creating a slight constriction at the back of the throat and creating an “hhh”. Breathe like you are trying to fog a mirror to create the feeling in the throat but inhale and exhale out of the nose sound (in yoga this is called Ujjayi pranayam).

  • Valsalva Maneuver: This complicated name refers to a process of attempting to exhale against a closed airway. You can do this by keeping your mouth closed and pinching your nose while trying to breathe out. This increases the pressure inside of your chest cavity increasing vagal tone.

  • Diving Reflex: Considered a first rate vagus nerve stimulation technique, splashing cold water on your face from your lips to your scalp line stimulates the diving reflex. You can also achieve the nervous system cooling effects by placing ice cubes in a ziplock and holding the ice against your face and a brief hold of your breath. The diving reflex slows your heart rate, increases blood flow to your brain, reduces anger and relaxes your body. An additional technique that stimulates the diving reflex is to submerge your tongue in liquid. Drink and hold lukewarm water in your mouth sensing the water with your tongue.

  • Connection: Reach out for relationship. Healthy connections to others, whether this occurs in person, over the phone, or even via texts or social media in our modern world, can initiate regulation of our body and mind. Relationships can evoke the spirit of playfulness and creativity or can relax us into a trusting bond into another. Perhaps you engage in a lighthearted texting exchange with a friend. If you are in proximity with another you can try relationship expert, David Snarch’s simple, yet powerful exercise called “hugging until relaxed.” The instructions are to simply “stand on your own two feet, place your arms around your partner, focus on yourself, and to quiet yourself down, way down.”


Other ways to stimulate the Vagus Nerve:

Breathing deep and slow diaphragmatic (3-4 minutes, 2-3 times a day). In for the count of 4, out for the count of 6 or 8.

Singing and humming or chanting, e.g. OM. 

Healthy eating as there is a link with gut health and probiotics.

Gargling or simply holding your tongue in warm water in the mouth.

Cold exposure: splashing cold water into your face



Relaxing and doing what makes you feel good.


Podcasts on Polyvagal Theory: 

Therapist Uncensored Podcast: TU93: Polyvagal Theory in Action: The Practise of Body Regulation with Dr. Stephen Porges has very explanatory show notes.


Therapy Chat 159: Understanding Polyvagal Theory: An Interview with Deb Dana

The Thoughtful Counselor: EP70: Polyvagal Theory Applied – Moving From Fight or Flight to Social Engagement for Sustainable Living


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